Honors Theses Policy

The standards to promote a uniform appearance in senior honors theses were adopted by the faculty in 2002.

  • Two copies of each thesis should be submitted through the departments and/or divisions to the library. One copy will be housed in special collections; the other will be retained in the reference collection.
  • All theses should be submitted in an unbound state.
  • All theses should conform to one of the recognized research paper style standards as set forth in the Chicago Manual of Style, the MLA Handbook or the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. The standard under which the student should submit his or her work should be decided by the individual department or division.
  • All theses should be word-processed in black ink on white paper.
  • The paper should be at least 20 lb. stock with not less than a 25% cotton content.
  • All theses should be produced on a laser printer.
  • The fonts used should be Arial, Times New Roman, or a similar undecorated font style.
  • The standard font size should be 12.
  • The margins of the document should be 1” on the top, bottom, and right side. The left margin should be 1½” to accommodate the binding.
  • The approval page of each thesis copy must have original signatures in ink of all the thesis committee members.
  • All tables, appendices, and illustrations must conform to the above-listed publication standards.

For further information, contact the Technical Services Librarian at ext. 6207