Faculty Supplemental Library Materials Grant Application

Applications for supplemental library materials allocation grants are due to the Library Committee no later than October 1st of  each  year. 

Applications  will  be  considered  by  the  Library  Committee  in  conjunction with  the  professional  library  staff  and  may  be  limited  by  the  materials  needs  of  new  programs,  the strength of the Library’s materials holdings in different disciplines, and  previous  supplemental  allocation grant awards. Each grant will be awarded up to $750.00 with three grants being awarded in this round. Funding for these grants is independent of the annual department allocation distribution. Supplemental  library  materials  allocation  grants  are  not  to  be  used  to  initiate  annualized subscriptions or standing orders. These grants are only for library collection development in support of the undergraduate curriculum and are not to be used for personal research. Winners from the previous year are  not  eligible  to  apply. This  application  should  be submitted to the Library Committee chair and the Library Director for consideration. The Library Committee reserves the right to request additional information from all applicants, and, if deemed necessary, ask the applicant to address the Library Committee in person. Supplementary allocation awards must be spent in the same fiscal year they are granted, and deadlines for expenditures will be determined by the Library Committee and the librarians at the time of the award. Grant applications must not exceed two pages in length for full consideration and must be submitted on this form.

Prior to completing this application, faculty members are strongly urged to review the library’s holdings in the proposed subject areas in consultation with the professional library staff.