Online Registration

Online course registration occurs at the end of fall and spring semesters. The specific schedule is announced on the College's academic calendar.

Students may not pre-register earlier than the day designated for your current class level. If you attempt to register online before your designated day/time, you will receive an error message and your registration will be blocked until your assigned day.

Pre-registration information will be sent to your student e-mail account ahead of time. It will contain your current class information and scheduled pre-registration days. 

If a class that you want is full when your time comes to pre-register, you may be required to choose an alternate course. Instructors may grant a student permission to enroll over the limit set for the class. To request permission to enroll in a full class, you may pick up an add/drop form and have the professor sign it if he or she agrees to let you into the class. If there is great demand for a class that is full, additional sections may be added.