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National Leader in Service Learning

Appalachian Center Degree Programs Scholarships Emory … Henry College has been recognized nationally as a leader among institutions of higher edu
Emory & Henry College has been recognized nationally as a leader among institutions of higher education for their support of volunteering, service-learning and civic engagement.

History, Mission & Culture

You will discover that Emory & Henry is a place of promise made up of warm-hearted, caring people who yearn for your fulfillment. This is a community that embraces people from all walks of life as they work together to improve the individual and the world…

Campus Tour

Residence Hall Tours Wonder what the dorms at Emory … Henry are like… Take a virtual tour and experience the modern amenities provided in a historical setting.
Located in the Virginia Highlands, the campus of Emory & Henry College encompasses 335 pristine acres, including a central campus of 168 acres and 167 acres of undeveloped land and portions of the Emory village. The campus is noted for its beauty as well …


Our graduates go on to do meaningful… essential work in communities around the world. Thanks in part to our rigorous pre…professional programs… nearly a third enter graduate or professional school
Smart, skilled, ambitious and curious. That's how our students are described. But no matter where they started, after four years at Emory & Henry, they’ve changed, advanced and transformed. When they leave Emory & Henry they find success and life fulfillm…

E&H Facts

Virginia has no shortage of familiar schools with robust reputations. But Emory … Henry… does the finest job of them all of producing contributors to society. Hilary Masell Oswal
Here you will find a quick overview of many important aspects of the E&H experience, including brief information about athletics, the location of the campus, arts, the admissions policy and the unique Emory & Henry academic village. You can also obtain in…

Bonner Scholars

Emory … Henry College agrees to meet 100… of a student…s financial need through the student…s subsidized Stafford loan eligibility… annual Bonner stipend… other scholarships and grants. Any outside scholarships will be included in the grant por
Established in 1991 by the Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation, Inc., of Princeton, New Jersey, the Bonner Scholars Program is the premier service scholarship program at Emory & Henry College. The Bonner Program offers 20 new scholarships annually in…

Love for the College and Students is Easy to See on the Face of Davis

Melissa Davis was recently honored by Emory … Henry College as the June recipient of the Blue … Gold Staff Award. 

Davis graduated from Emory … Henry in 2002

Service Scholarships

Emory & Henry is able to provide scholarships to students who engage in service. These scholarships not only help students defray tuition expenses while they perform service work, but they help underscore the College's belief in service learning as a vita…

After Five Decades of Service, Buchanan to Retire from University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Bob B. Buchanan grew up on a farm near Meadowview… Virginia… and he built a distinguished career in California. Dr. Buchanan retires in June 2013 afte

Foster Joins E&H Advancement Team

An Abingdon resident with extensive experience in sales management and marketing has been… named to the advancement staff at Emory … Henry College. Larry Foster joins the E

WEHC- FM 90.7

Contact Us… Email… wehc… Phones… WEHC Office… 276.944.6593 WEHC General Manager… 276.944.6822 WEHC Studio… 276.944.6502 WEHC Studio B… 276.944.6669 Social Facebook Twitter Make a Donation to the Station
WEHC-FM is Emory & Henry's College and Community station. Since a major expansion of its coverage area, the station brings public radio broadcasting to a wide swath of Southwest Virginia. The station, located at 90.7 on the FM dial, devotes a large portio…

E&H to Welcome New Students to Summer Orientation

Emory … Henry College invites incoming students and their families to summer orientation programs… in June and July. A lively… information…packed event

Community Service

To us, service is a lasting engagement with a place, a people, a culture. Our Appalachian Center for Community Service is home to an expansive list of programs and initiatives that allow students to create positive social change and address the root cause…


As a Division III institution… we subscribe to the notion that our athletes are students first and to the belief that th…e virtues of athletics … a healthy body
As a Division III institution, we subscribe to the notion that our athletes are students first and to the belief that the virtues of athletics – a healthy body, team work and the quest for improvement – are important in so far as they enrich your life in …


Emory … Henry College Trumpet Ensemble performing Prelude and Fugue …Eric Ewazen… in Salzburg. At Emory … Henry… the arts are growing as a major regional force. E
By taking impressive steps forward, Emory & Henry is entering a new era in the arts. With new facilities – and more anticipated – we are embarking on a vision to become a regional leader in arts education and in the quality of exhibitions and performances…


Located in the highlands of southwest Virginia… the historic Emory … Henry campus provides some of the most eye…appealing scenery of any college campus you will visit. At the same time
We're glad you're considering Emory & Henry, and we invite you to apply for admission. You'll find answers to most of your questions about the application process and financial aid on the pages below. We look forward to getting to know more about you and …


Emory & Henry College is a transformative academic community. Our education is distinguished by progress – sometimes sudden, sometimes gradual – toward an expanded sense of personal potential and an enlightened sense of civic responsibility. This progress…

Office of the President

President Jake B. Schrum, Emory & Henry’s 21st president, is leading Emory & Henry in exciting directions while continuing to focus the institution on its historic mission.

Tragedy Turns Inspirational for E&H Student

In January of 2009… Brendon Barker was shot in the head by his girlfriend…'s father in a small Virginia town. Moments after the shooting… a caller calmly told a 911 dispatcher
Current E&H student Colin Christensen was a classmate and friend of the young man who was killed. He spent every minute of the three-day trial in the courtroom. "One of the primary facets of the defense's argument relied on a firm belief in the Castle Doc…

Betty Jane Hagan Heads West For Adventure

Betty Jane Hagan …E…H …67… decided to check out the website Now… she…s in Wyoming working the summer season at Jackson Lake Lodge in the Grand Teton National F

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