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Kelly Library: A Guide to Resources and Policies for Faculty

Kelly Library: A Guide to Resources and Policies for Students


Course-Specific Guides and Publications

Art 221
History of Western Art I

Art 222
History of Western Art II

Art 322
Italian Art

Athletic Training 262
Therapeutic Modalities

Athletic Training 462
Research and Design

Bridge Program: Finding Information on World History in Kelly Library

Education: Library Resources for Graduate Education Courses

Education 410/549E
Reading Problems

Education 512
Needs of the Exceptional Literacy Learner

English 100
Foundations of Writing

English 101
Kelly Library Handbook

English 101
Library Instruction Worksheet

English 200
Writing About Literature

English 326
Creative Nonfiction Writing Workshop

Equine Studies: Library Resources

ETLA 100
Contemporary Issues: Facts versus Perception

ETLA 100
Controversy and the Theater

ETLA 100
The Ethics of Westeros

ETLA 100
Evaluating, Documenting, and Annotating Sources

ETLA 100
Food and Place

ETLA 100
The Frontier in Fact and Fiction

ETLA 100
The Frontier in Fact and Fiction: Test Drive Your Topic!

ETLA 100
Genocide in Modern Times

ETLA 100
Ghosts, Psychics, and Astrology: The Unsinkable Rubber Ducks

ETLA 100
The Human Animal in Literature

ETLA 100
Inside the NCAA

ETLA 100
Know Your Numbers

ETLA 100
Leadership in Sports and Society

ETLA 100
Leadership in Sports and Society worksheet: Test Drive Your Topic!

ETLA 100
Masculinity in America

ETLA 100
The Mind-Body Connection

ETLA 100

ETLA 100
Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Film

ETLA 100
Racial Identity in Context

ETLA 100

ETLA 100
The Religious Right in America

ETLA 100
Science is the S in STEM

ETLA 100
Self Motivated Learning

ETLA 100
Southern Identity

ETLA 100

ETLA 100
Spirituality Worksheet: Test Drive Your Topic!

ETLA 100
Standing on the Shoulders of Our Ancestors

ETLA 100
A Starbucks Society

ETLA 100
Synthetic Biology: Is Believing Seeing?

ETLA 100
Unheard and Unknown: The Peopling of American Memory

ETLA 100
You Are Here: Finding Your Place in This Place

ETLA 100
Your Cosmic Context

ETLA 100
Zen and the Art of...

ETLA 101
Human Foundations I

ETLA 103
Lifetime Wellness

ETLA 310
Sistine Chapel

ETLA 350
Maya Lin's Vietnam Veterans Memorial

ETLA 404
Kiss. Bow, or Shake Hands

History: Library Resources for Graduate History Courses

History 205
Historical Methods

History 220
Economic History (U.S)

History 251/517
Historical Perspectives: The Long 1960s

History 307
Civil War and Reconstruction

History 350/536
World Wars

History: Online Resources for the Study of International History
(Compiled by Matthew Shannon)

Library of Congress Classification System

Library of Congress Call Numbers: How to Decipher

The Literary Festival at Emory & Henry

Masters in Community and Organizational Leadership
Library Resources

Mass Communications 101
Mass Media and Society

Mass Communications 250
Women and Media

Mass Communications 302
Information Sources on the Virginia Creeper Trail and the Virginia Creeper Trail Club

Mass Communications 390
Persuasive Communication

New York Times and New York Times in Education

Physical and Occupational Therapy: Resources for the Doctor of Physical Therapy and Masters of Occupational Therapy Programs

Physician Assistant Studies: Resources for the Physician Assistant Studies Program

Political Science 327
Arab-Israeli Conflict

Political Science 350

Psychology 211
Research Design in Psychology

Public Policy and Community Service 250
Politics and Public Policy: Sources for Legislative Histories

Religion 212
Asian Religions

Sociology 330
Methods of Social Research

Spanish 450
Senior Seminar: Yerba Mate

Theatre 320/321
Theatre History 1 & 2

Tips for Better Library Research